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Speed Freeks is a game for 2 or more players. Each player commands a Speedmob of Ork wagons and warbikes in high-speed adrenaline-fuelled combat. You’ll need to kustomise your vehicles and pull off daring manoeuvres to win, but that isn’t easy when your team consists of velocity-addicted greenskin maniacs. Players take turns picking models to move, shoot and attack up close, aiming to destroy their rival racers and become the greatest Speedmob in the galaxy!

All the extras, accessories and bits you need to play games are here: – 12 datacards, providing the rules and stats for vehicles; – 48 damage cards, drawn when a vehicle is smashed about in combat; – 24 Kustom Job cards, describing upgrades models can gain; – 4 folded card double-sided gameboards, which can be set up in a variety of configurations; – 2 Speed Freeks dashboards and screens, used to keep your dice allocation secret from your opponent; – 2 sheets of tokens, fire arc markers and movement templates; – A plastic range ruler; – 20 special 6-sided Speed Freeks dice (10 red, 10 yellow); – 1 8-sided dice – this is used to (hopefully) pass your drivin’ test, amongst other things.

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