Castles & Crusades Adventurer’s Backpack




Adventures Backpack is the first major expansion of Castles & Crusades since the release of the Castle Keepers Guide. Filled with player content, Adventurers Backpack brings to the table 13 new classes, mountains of spells for all classes, rules for counter spells and spell duels, a fresh, easy-to-use unarmed combat rules, war mounts, and rune magic. But more than that, Adventurers Backpack delivers a new innovative approach to equipment and equipping your character. There are 34 unique backpacks complete with all the equipment necessary, cost weight and for those who use it, encumbrance value. Each backpack is designed for a special purpose. Whether based on class or task, the backpacks cover it all, from fighter, wizard to the ethereal knight to dungeon, overland, medic or dungeon mappers pack. Equipping your character was never so easy.

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